Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia: New Scottish Speculative Fiction

Edited by Andrew J Wilson and Neil Williamson

Mercat Press (now Birlinn) 304 pages paperback

World Fantasy Award finalist in 2006


Preface by Neil Williamson & Andrew J. Wilson
Introduction by David Pringle
The Cost of Pearls by Edwin Morgan
A Case of Consilience by Ken MacLeod
Deus ex Homine by Hannu Rajaniemi
The Last Shift by Hal Duncan
Not Wisely But Too Well by A.J. McIntosh
Third-Degree Burns by Andrew J. Wilson
Lest We Forget by Marion Arnott
The Intrigue of the Battered Box by Michael Cobley
Five Fantastic Fictions by Ron Butlin
Running on at Adventures by Angus McAllister
A Knot of Toads by Jane Yolen
Sophie and the Sacred Fluids by Andrew C. Ferguson
Vanilla for the Lady by Deborah J. Miller
Pisces Ya Bas by Gavin Inglis
The Vulture, 4–17 March by Harvey Welles & Philip Raines
The Bogle’s Bargain by Stefan Pearson
Criggie by Matthew Fitt
Snowball’s Chance by Charles Stross
Total Mental Quality, By the Way by William Meikle
The Bennie and the Bonobo by Neil Williamson
The Hard Stuff by John Grant
Dusk by Jack Deighton

‘… a spectacular and odd collection.’ Time Out
‘… seethes with ideas and wonderful writing.’ The Herald
‘excellent … consistently ambitous’ The Scotsman
‘The regional character, apparently a mixture of earthy lyricism, dour fatalism, resolute bloody-mindedness, and the fumes of single malt, is speculatively and memorably conveyed.’ Locus
‘… it comes down to good writing, and there’s plenty in Nova Scotia. The future may well be tartan.’ infinity plus