Queen of Clouds

Queen of Clouds is set in the world of The Moon King before it was flooded, and tells a story of frustration in the face of man made environmental catastrophe in a plot which features ambition, treachery, deceit, jeopardy, tragedy and hope, not to mention love and magic… 

Billy Braid has been raised in an idyllic mountain backwater, aiding Master Kim to craft strangely sentient sylvans from carefully cultivated trees. Then the outside world impinges, and Billy is tasked with delivering a sylvan to the Sunshine City of Karpentine. Upon his arrival, Billy falls in with a young Weathermaker, Paraphernalia, who proves to be fascinating and infuriating in equal measure. But all is not well in the Sunshine City, and Billy is soon embroiled in Machiavellian intrigues he is ill-equipped to understand, as the city’s ruling Guilds – the Constructors, Inksmiths, Weathermakers and more – jostle for status and power, seeing him as the key.. 

Wooden automata, sentient weather, talking cats, compellant inks, and a host of vividly realised characters provide the backdrop as the drama rushes to its stunning climax. 

Published 22nd March 2022. Available for pre-order as an A5 paperback, and a numbered limited edition hardback signed by the author.