There’s something that happens so occasionally in my world that you almost forget about it entirely. Almost. Not quite. Because, like a cosmological event, when it does come round it leaves a long blazing mark in the memory, and a hook of hope that you’ll see it, one day, again.

What am I talking about?

The new issue of Crimewave just landed.

If you don’t know about Crimewave. Here are seven statements:

  • I have never read an issue of Crimewave that did not make me seethe with jealousy
  • It’s produced by TTAPress – the people who bring you Interzone and TTA/BlackStatic – and it surpasses both magazines by miles
  • It’s the best Crime fiction magazine there is
  • It’s not a Crime magazine. The stories are about “crime” only in the way that life is largely about crime; the transgressions people commit against each other in the course of living their lives. The stories are about life
  • The new issue is one of the most beautiful examples of book production I’ve ever seen. But then I always say that
  • Crimewave is the only magazine I buy *knowing* that I’m not going to be disappointed.

Aye, a rarity, right enough.

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