Sort of Mellow

That’s the way I’m feeling today. It might be because I’ve taken an impromptu day off to get some writing done, or it might be the music I’m listening to at the moment.

So, a coupla recommendations for you.

1/ Being launched on Monday, The Ballads Of The Book. A rather exciting arts council funded project produced by Chemikal Underground that has seen songwriting collaborations been some of Scotland’s most interesting writers and independent musicians. Not sure exactly why the combination of prose writers with songwriters should be considered such a groundbreaking move, myself, but there you go, certainly the results are very impressive indeed. And they include a marvelous effort that combines the talents of Aereogramme with our very own Mr Duncan of this parish.

Order it now.

2/ Had a bit of a CD splurge at Fopp and Avalanche last week and came across a few gems, including recent work from Aimee Mann, Barenaked Ladies, The Feeling. The Plimpton’s new album Pomp is high energy madcap entertainment from end to end. And the absolute star for me is The Spell Of The Trembling Earth by The Porch Song Anthology. It’s a superb collection of low key murder ballads and appalachianesque country folk. The singing is beautiful and the playing matches it. Gorgeous stuff.

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