NAF : The Divine Comedy / BANG Goes The Knighthood

So, NAF today sees me continuing my long-delayed** but all-too-willing initiation into the cult of Hannonism with the latest release by The Divine Comedy (purveyors of gorgeously satirical pop music since 1989). Musically, it’s the same mixture of style and arrangement that remains entirely ignorant of trend or vogue. It’s a beautiful listen, with possibly a lighter touch on the orchestral production than in previous outings. A summer album; a record for driving along to with the windows down and letting it wash over you.

Unless of course you get caught up in the lyrics which range from the touching (Have You Ever Been In Love, When A Man Cries) to scathing commentaries on our times (The Complete Banker, Bang Goes The Knighthood). I know I’m coming late to the party, but Hannon has to be one of the sharpest satirists out there, and his habit of teaming such blackly intelligent musings with such fun songs makes me want to liken him to Tom Lehrer. So I will, so there.

Two listens in and, while I know there are more layers to be uncovered in these songs, I’m loving this album already.

**People have been recommending TDC to me since they began but I have this gene that automatically rejects the words “you’ll really like this”. I guess I just have to discover things for myself. Not complaining – look at the back catalogue I have to enjoy!

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