Looking forward to Stag & Dagger

This weekend sees the return of Stag & Dagger, an inner city multi-venue indie music festival that is dear to my heart. I went last year, although I seem to have completely neglected to blog about it at the time (for the record it was very similar to my experience of Hinterland the year before).  For anyone into new music, it’s a grand day out: 40+ bands running at seven venues roughly between 2pm and 3am. Some familiar names, but many unfamiliar; looking forward to hearing favourite acts, catching up at last with ones you’ve mysteriously missed until now, or discovering new ones.

I’ve pretty much got a routine for this now. As soon as the line ups are published I do a myspace trawl, create a playlist and immerse myself for a week. Then I mark my card of acts I’d really like to see – only to discover that two of them are on at the same time. But no matter, you can’t see everything. In the end you just have to go with the flow.

And in that respect it’s mostly a well planned event. It kicks off in the afternoon at the Captain’s Rest (conveniently located across the road from ma hoose) and then moves up to Sauchiehall St, ending up between the ABC and the Art School. The only caveat is the use of Stereo. This year, as last year, Stereo has a really enticing lineup, but it’s just distant enough to make the dash between one and act and another one whose worth you’ll seriously consider. Same with the Captain’s to be honest. Once you’re up at the ABC, it’s just not as convenient to pop back down there for one act as it is to, say, Sleazies. But these are nit picks. Like I say, you go with the flow, and as long as you’re open to new stuff, you’ll have a great time.

So, the results of my prep listening: Zeus and Admiral Fallow are my shoe-ins, and after that will be trying to fit in as many of: Colourmusic, Our Mountain, Yuck, Conquering Animal Sound, Michael Kiwanuka, Rachel Sermanni and headliners, Warpaint as I can manage.  Gutted that Rural Alberta Advantage clash with Admiral Fallow, but them’s the breaks.

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