A good thing

So, 2012’s Eastercon has been and gone, and left me feeling (with a nod of gratitude to Jim Marshall) like a fan in front Nigel Tufnell’s stack in Tap’s heyday. It was a good thing, there was a lot of it and I possibly indulged a little too much.

It had started so simply. No duties to perform, I was just going to chill out and enjoy it.  I was going to use the very excellent con guide app to navigate my way to a few of the wide array of programme items. And if I had any time left after that, I was going to buy some books. But mostly it was bar, beer and banter.

That was the plan, and that was how it played out. Except amped right the hell up.

I didn’t quite get to all of my optimistically identified programme options, but I got to a decent number and enjoyed them all – especially Steve Aylett’s “Lint”, Writers Bloc’s FANtasia reading and the two book launch events for the  very popular Rocket Science and NewCon’s new selection, including Dark Currents (from which the excellent stories by Finn Clarke, Tricia Sullivan and Lavie Tidhar entertained me on the journey home). And I bought more books than I’d budgeted for (or almost could fit in my bag), including Ian Sales’s Adrift On The Sea Of Rains and Chris Beckett’s beautiful hardcover edition of Dark Eden.

I over indulged in food and drink too. Every dinner delivered huge portions of food that left me belly-heavy but carb-stoked, and there was rather a lot of beer. And, particularly on Friday, wine too. A lot of wine.

But it was on the banter that I really over imbibed. So many people, so much good, silly, weird and interesting chat, that occasionally I felt blasted by it. All of it good, great even. All of the people, dear and funny, familiar and new. But every now and again it felt like an onslaught and right now I’m utterly drained. In a good way.

That was Eastercon 2012.  Turned up to 11.

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