Published Stories


A Little Seasoning/ Interzone Digital

An Antique Puzzle Chest Of Unknown Origin/ Weird Horror


A Moment of Zugzwang/ ParSec Magazine


Thirty-Two Tumbling Teeth/ Black Static

The Sound Of Smoke/ No More Heroes

Neighbourhood Watch/ ParSec Magazine


Down To The Roots/ Shadows & Tall Trees

Bunting/ Uncanny Bodies

Mudlarking/ Biopolis: Tales Of Urban Biology


The Last Of The Die Hards/ Nutmeg

The Raveller’s Tale/ Once Upon A Parsec

The Long Game/ The Jackal Who Came In From The Cold


The Insider/ Imposter Syndrome


The Bed / Secret Language

This Is Not A Love Song / Secret Language

Silk Bones / Secret Language / The Dark

The Death Of Abigail Goudy / Secret Language

Rare As A Harpy’s Tear / Now We Are Ten

Darkday Night / Myriad Lands vol 2.

Somewhat Off The Way / Ghost Highways

Foreign Bodies / Thirty Years of Rain / Best of British SF 2016


Fish On Friday / Interzone

The Secret Language Of Stamps / Black Static

Shifting / I Am Because You Are


A Piece Of The Moon / The Moon King special edition, Moonshots

The Posset Pot / Interzone

The Golden Nose / Interzone


Pearl In The Shell / Solaris Rising 2

Deep Draw / Astrologica : Stories of the Zodiac

Sweeter Than / Caledonia Dreamin’


On Humility / 100 Word Story

Lost Sheep / Dark Currents

Killing Me Softly / Unspoken Water

Between Shows / Wee Fictions


Crow’s Steps / The Ephemera (ebook edition)

Schroedinger’s Gifts / Estronomicon Christmas edition

The Night Before Christmas / Estronomicon Christmas edition


Arrhythmia / Music For Another World


Spy Vs Spy / Interzone

Last Drink Bird Head / Last Drink Bird Head


The Moth / Subterfuge

The Last Note Of The Song / Keep To The Code (tie-in with Fast Ships, Black Sails)


The Gubbins / Dark Horizons

Bric-a-Brac From The Bargain Bin / Farrago’s Wainscot : Behind The Wainscot


The Codsman And His Willing Shag / The Ephemera, Fabulous Whitby


The One Millionth Smile / Elastic Book Of Numbers

The Euonymist / Electric Velocipede, Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories

Harrowfield / Dark Horizons, Infinity Plus

The Bennie and The Bonobo / Nova Scotia: New Scottish Speculative Fiction

Well Tempered / Nemonymous

The Apparatus / Lovecraft’s Weird Mysteries, The Virtuous Medlar Circle


Quarantine / The Leading Edge

Ceolmhar Bus / The Thackery T Lambshead Pocket Guide To Eccentric And Discredited Diseases


Sins Of The Father / Interzone

Amber Rain / TTA, Serendipity

Messianic Con Brio / Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

The Happy Gang / Interzone, Infinity Plus


River Run Deep / Not One Of Us

The Gull Witch / Scheherazade

The Bone Farmer / Albedo One, Fantastic Metropolis

Hard To Do / Not One Of Us

A Horse In Drifting Light / Roadworks


Shine, Alone After The Setting Of The Sun / TTA, Fantastic Metropolis

City Of Hammers / Decalog 5: Wonders


Postcards / TTA


Cages / TTA, Last Rites & Resurrections

Junk / Shipbuilding


Angelique’s Lament / Territories

Softly Under Glass / TTA

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