Conventional Travel

In a little over two weeks this year’s Fantasycon will be underway, once again in Brighton. I’ll be there from Friday morning until Sunday evening and, as always, I’m looking forward to it. In terms of “doing stuff” I’m forgoing a reading this year (although willing to provide a service for insomniacs, contact me privately for rates), but it looks like I’ll be involved in an interesting discussion panel. More details on that once it’s confirmed. Mostly though I’ll be relaxing, and I hope to explore a little more of Brighton this time round too, especially since next year’s World Fantasy Convention is going to be there.

And on the subject of World Fantasy, it turns out that I’m also going to be at this year’s event in Toronto at the beginning of November. me and the bidey-in are making a proper holiday of it, and we’ll spend a week in the city before moving on to the convention itself. Really, really looking forward to this one.

Too many friends I’ve not seen for too long. And Canadian breakfasts.  Winwinwin!

As always, if you’re going to be around either of these events, look me up.


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