October reading or at least such as I remember it

Okay, so the thing is I know I read a whole bunch of short fiction in October, but the awesomeness of Canada has all but wiped the whole lot from my memory. Seriously, I can’t even remember the authors or titles let alone whether I liked them or not. Here’s what remains.

The novel I read last month was Gareth L Powell’s The Recollection. It’s a fine SF adventure, and I really admired Powell’s trademark domestic  character detailing which grounds all the alien-threat and planet-hopping. Nice stuff.

The two stories I can remember (well the rest simply can’t have been that good, can they?) were both from Clarkesworld: Theodora Goss’s England Under The White Witch and Aliette de Bodard’s Immersion. Both stories were well executed although I found a few of the details of Goss’s  England ever so slightly not-quite-right at times.  Bodard’s story may be one of her best Mindship stories. Surely, one day soon, someone will collect these. Pretty please?

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