Amaze Your Friends

Hey, so for the third year in a row, I’ve succeed in getting my musical shit together enough to release a new Disappointed Skeptics Club album. It’s called Amaze Your Friends and contains eight brand new songs about magic, misdirection and the power of belief (and disbelief).

As before, all of the songs were written and recorded during February Album Writing Month in…well, February. But since we were also having our bathroom replaced during the first half of the month, not much really got written until half way through the month. So pretty much everything you hear was written in a bit of a rush, but I think that gives it a nice coherence. A sense of overlap from one song to the next, as if each idea is a development of the one before. So, for that reason I’ve put them on the album essentially in the order they were written.

Amaze Your Friends has turned out interesting, if not exactly as I intended. The songs are more uniformly introspective than have been in past DSC releases, but I like the tonal consistency, with pianos, mellotrons and synth tones throughout, and the simplicity of the loop-based structures too. It makes this collection of songs feel very much of a piece.

Anyway, it’s exclusively up on Bandcamp now and will be appearing on streaming services in a couple of weeks or so. If it sounds like your sort of thing, enjoy it.

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