You are in a clearing

A friend on Twitter (@munchkinstein) has taken to engaging with others in the style of an old text-based adventure. Remember those? In the days before we had much in the way of graphics on our computers, or indeed much in the way of computers, we enjoyed completely immersive, narrative driven, adventure games built entirely out […]

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Scrabble Grrrl!

As a habitual player of Scrabble (or unsanctioned Facebook equivalent) it’s always interesting to hear what new words are included in the latest edition of the official book. This year’s selection includes some useful looking additions to the arsenal. I’m liking “webzine” and “vlog” (seven letter words are almost as useful as creative ways to […]

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Catch up

A general newsy catchy-upy sorta thing (sorry, Jim): Had a braw time at the Glasgow Cabaret Festival in June. Fabulous acts, great company, wonderful nights out. Had a just-as-braw-but-in-a-different-way time holidaying in North Ireland a couple of weeks ago. First few days were spent in a charming converted station halt up on the North Coast. […]

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Various Variety

Being, in the main, a round-up of random stuff from the last week. It’s been one of those weeks. Life is so a Cabaret – spent the weekend in London watching various varieties of cabaret performance. Most especially lovely to see Miss Leggy Pee taking her unique brand of charming on the road to such […]

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Weather and Culture

So it was one of those weekends where the summer seemed to have been condensed down into two days. The sun shone overtime, its light intensified to hot flowing honey with just enough breeze to take the edge off, and keep everyone the right side of happy. And, occasioned by visiting dignitaries, we went out […]

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So, I’ve been thinking about performance lately. Specifically I feel the indie circuit too often misses out on the theatricality and mystique that sometimes goes hand in hand with music. Don’t get me wrong I like going to see music for music’s sake, and I prefer to watch musicians without pretensions – it’s never good […]

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