Back from the land of laughs

I’m always a little suspicious of people who make very detailed reports of what they got up to at conventions (seriously do you take continuous notes?), because when I get home the memories are already smeared and indistinct. What day did I talk to this person, or hear that author read, or discover that book […]

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The Ephemera ebook – out now!

Just chuffed to bits to announce that my short story collection, The Ephemera, is now available as an ebook in various formats from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. It’s published by Infinity Plus’s new ebook division and costs less than a pint. So, if you missed the book in its initial printing and you’ve […]

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The (New) Ephemera

I’m very excited this week to be able to able to announce that Infinity Plus’s new ebooks venture, which to date has featured a hugely strong roster of writers and has even more lined up, is going to republish my collection, The Ephemera. I’ve always been extremely proud of the marvelous job that Elastic Press […]

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Stop Press!

Just heard that The Ephemera has been shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award. It’ll be presented at Fantasycon in September. I’ve already signed up, but I’m not holding my breath – the competition looks fierce!

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