All Hallows

So Hallowe’en is supposed to be fun? Fun? Really? Over on Facebook, a friend was asking about Hallowe’en traditions, having seen an English newspaper report  expressing concern that the UK had irrevocably now imported the American customs of Hallowe’en – from fancy dress to carving pumpkins to trick-or-treating. And my friend’s point was (quite correctly): “Wait […]

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Chilling right down

Last night of a week’s holiday on the shores of Lake of Menteith with the bidey-in. Which has mostly consisted of  morning forest walking, ducks, afternoon Wimbledon, raptors, good cheese, great beer, ducks, steam boats, evening catch-up movies (more of them later), red squirrels (aw!), geocaching and ducks. Weather’s been typically variable for a Scottish […]

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It’s a Swizz!

So, that’s the holiday break almost over. I’ve got a couple of days yet til I go back to work, but as one of them will be spent having root treatment at the dentist, it doesn’t really count. As you’ll have gathered it’s not been the most healthy or productive of breaks, but even so […]

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How’s your Christmas going? Probably better than mine, I imagine. We had a cracking couple of days out at my folks’ place, but since the minute we got home I’ve been laid flat out with a bastard of a lurgie. All those marvellous Xmas goodies? No appetite and couldn’t taste them even if I did. […]

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Like I’ve Never Been Away

But I have been, see? It’s just that between the close of the working day one Tuesday evening and rolling back into the office another Wednesday morning, the last week at World Fantasy seems like such a seamless splice into my life that already I’m wondering if it happened or if it was just some […]

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