Pirate Musical Redux!

Since Arrhythmia has been accumulating a certain amount of attention lately, I thought it might be a good time to remind those who like that sort of thing about my first musical-story (storical? musy?), the swashbuckling (up to a point) pirate adventure entitled: “The Last Note Of The Song”. The idea for this story came […]

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Music To My Ears

Got a new story coming out imminently. It’s called “Arrhythmia” and it’s being published in a new anthology of fantastical stories on the subject of music. Music For Another World is the debut effort from new Edinburgh publisher, Mutation Press. Editor, Mark Harding, has assembled a fair helping of writers on my personal look-out-for-work-by list […]

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Diversionary Tactics(1)

In order to stop me from going quite mad with worry and over-speculation in the coming days, I’ve decided to employ a series of diversionary tactics, which I’m then going to relate to you lot to further distance my thoughts from the subject during the day time. Last night’s effort, coinciding with it being the […]

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