Ebooks, and all that jazz

Prompted by the launch of Amazon’s new ebook reader, Gary Gibson has written an excellent and passionate post on the virtues of electronic books. I’ve been feeling myself change my mind about this for some time, slowly shifting from a staunch paper’n’printer to acknowledging that with paper costs and all that, the future can only […]

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E-books are beginning to tempt me

And that’s something I never thought I’d say. Generally I haven’t traditionally enjoyed reading from a screen, but book reader displays are getting higher and higher in resolution, and I have a feeling it won’t be so very long before publishers are going to be faced with a pretty persuasive commercial and environmental argument that […]

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Beggars Belief

How is it even possible that anyone thought that this was a good idea, let alone neglected to take medical advice about it. Me, though, I don’t really blame the idiot radio station, or the half-wits that entered the competition. I blame the Nintendo marketing geniuses that came up with product name in the first […]

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