Narrative junky

My name is Neil. I’m a recovered narrative junky, but occasionally I fall off the wagon. You know how it is with a story. Once you’ve started you just have to follow it to the end. No matter what. But sometimes that no matter what, you know? It’s…testing. I used to consume entire fantasy trilogies on […]

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This never happens. I’m going to talk about something that annoys me, on TV. I like a quiz show, me. I guess in once sense they fulfil some inner twelve year old smart alec know-all that never got over being praised for retaining abstruse information (yay, gold star!), but they can also be entertaining and very […]

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Being Human

So, yay for me. I managed to watch an entire series of one of those TV shows that everyone’s been talking about. Being Human.  I’m a bit late to it, of course, because I waited til the series had ended before watching it all in two big greedy gulps, but hopefully that’s a useful way […]

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Delia Dances

We always knew Delia Derbyshire was ahead of her time, but presaging 21st C dance music by over 30 years is quite some going. Good on her!

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PVR Serendipity

So Christmas is over, I’ve missed most of the things I wanted to see on the telly, and the Hummy (our PVR) is choc full of things neither of us remembers recording. So, now comes the laborious process of picking out the gems, watching them and either dumping them to DVD or deleting them to […]

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