September reading

Decent haul on the reading front this month. The novel for September was one Ian R McLeod’s Wake Up And Dream, a book I’d bought almost a year ago, read (and loved) part of and then had to put down for non-reading reasons. I then waited for a suitable period of quietness that’d allow me […]

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August reading

August was Fringe month, which meant that next to no writing got done, and any reading was going to be…bitty. Having said that I did manage a fair amount, and much of it was good. Some of it was better than good, though. Way better. A while back I enjoyed Amal El Mohtar’s short story, […]

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July Reading

Beginning to catch up on the reading front a little, although I’m still busy with too many other things to make much headway on the novel pile (and, to be frank, August is not looking promising on that front either. Ah, well). Anyway – for a bit of light relief I went with Terry Pratchett’s […]

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