Whether the weather

I don’t normally complain about the weather. Living in Glasgow there’s no point, it’s one of the givens of life. Every day you get weather. Sometimes three or four sorts. And I don’t normally get the November blues either, when the nights fair draw in and you go to work in the dark and you come home in the dark. Generally speaking, I’m not a SAD type of individual.But the conditions today are simply evil. We’re, what, a week away from the solstice and I don’t think I could honestly say we’ve had daylight the whole day. A bit less dark perhaps, a lightening of the sky from black to heavy grey, but that’s as optimistic as it got. And the rain has been lashing without cease and the wind has been blustering back and forth tirelessly, screaming through the window glass, rattling them in their frames.

And in a couple of hours’ time I’m going to be out playing football in it.


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