Word, Dog

A date for yer diary, should you be interested in this sort of thing.Wednesday 24th January, 8.30pm
13th Note, King Street, Glasgow
Word Dogs : Cry Havoc! An explosive evening of high-octane fiction readings on the subject of conflict, war, ruckuses, barneys and gentlemen’s boxing brought to you by Word Dogs, the exhibitionist arm of GSFWC.

The format will be something like:
1/ grab a seat and a beer
2/ listen to two or three entertaining stories
3/ grab another beer and have a chat
4/ more stories
5/ more beer… and so on until closing time.

Easy, fun and quieter than Murnie. Come on down.

If noise is more your thing, however, I should also take the opportunity to point out that Murnie are rolling out the loudness guns the following night for Pin-up’s Ambulance Station at the Admiral in Waterloo Street.

Aye well, at least it’s never dull round here.

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