Recommendations (1)

“Brasyl” by Ian McDonald

Following on from 2005’s superb take on India-around-the-corner, “River Of Gods”, McDonald’s take on the glorious technicolour society of Brazil is as lush as the Amazon and as slick as the 21st century TV executives featured in one of its three strands. It’s wildly imaginative and it’s filled with truth. It combines Jesuit missionaries, football, capoeira, and quantum computing into a wholly satisfying conclusion. It feels like a VR tour of the most bewildering country on the planet, and it makes you want to go there.

I knew I’d love this book, and I was right.

2 thoughts on “Recommendations (1)

  1. As regards the site: now this is MUCH better Neil!

    Totally argree with you on the Ian MacDonald – loved River of Gods and certainly Brasyl has caught my interest, although I haven’t gotten around to it just yet.

    (Talking of which, I’ve read four of the stories so far in The Ephemera and was hoping to have reade it all before now. But, well, so many distractions! I have, though, been playing catch-up with Pete Crowthers’s Postscripts, having bulk-bought all the back issues from him back in May. Absolutely brilliant magazine; currently reading issue 8.)

    But, hey, I’m shock: I thought you only read four books a year?! You mean you’ve actually READ Brasyl? 😉 I take it you’ve finally found time to read now that The Moon King is finish.

    BTW my invite still stands if you would like me to read and critique it.

    Talking of writing, I take it Hal’s composed another epic by now, judging by how silent his blog has been! 😀

    I notice you’re on the member list for FantasyCon but no Hal or other fellow Scots, from what I could see. Either way, I’ll endeavour to finish The Ephemera by then and we can have a good blether.

    Haven’t seen you in ages – since Word Dogs back in May in fact! – so we’ll definitely have to meet up for a beer once the weather’s good…

    … so, eh, that’s be next ‘summer’ then!

  2. Hiya Paul

    Yep. it’s the fact that the novel’s away that’s allowed me to start on the teetering monolith that is my to read pile, so I’m diving right in. Not only have I read Brasyl, I’ve gone straight on to something else now too.

    The embargo will return when I get deeper into the next book (tentatively titled The Queen Of Clouds), but until then I’m reading like a bastard.

    Definitely see you at fantasycon. I don’t think I’ll be coming alone, but some folks have to pull their finger out and get it organised yet.

    Glad you’re enjoying The Ephemera – and thanks for the nice words about the new site. I like it too.

    Cheers for now

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