And the winner isn’t…

Well no surprises there. Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things deservedly won the Best Collection statue at the British Fantasy awards. Well done to Mr G, and to all the other winners. Especially pleased to see Gary Couzens pick up the Best Anthology award for Extended Play, which featured great stories from Phil Raines, Marion Arnott, Rosanne Rabinowitz and others.

Yay for them!

3 thoughts on “And the winner isn’t…

  1. Thought it was great that Gary won too. Enjoyed the Thai meal on Saturday. Thanks for inviting me. Didn’t see you at all on Sunday to say goodbye. Maybe see you at next year’s con.


  2. It was good to see you Peter. Thanks for your company and your chat.

    I’ll certainly be at next year’s, and Eastercon in Heathrow too.

    See you then

  3. Hi Neil,

    was great to see you again! Hope Al’s feeling better. As regards the Satellite 1 convention on Saturday the 6th DC has just sent everyone an email saying that if people get in touch now they can still get it for the £20. Can’t remember that girl’s name we were talking to on Sunday (Tasmin was it?) but if she and her boyfriend get in touch you can let them know.

    Well done on the nomination and see you soon!

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