It’s a Farrago, I tell you

In the world of online fiction zines, Farrago’s Wainscot has established itself as among the most chic, oblique and unique. Their regular selection of literary short stories is always worth dipping into, and if that weren’t enough they have this little bundle of extras that goes by the name of Behind The Wainscot. In the words of the editors, BtW is: “is, in a literal sense, interstitial. An irregular blogozine, it features work that slips between the quarterly releases of Farrago’s Wainscot. Behind the Wainscot is a collection of short forms, of experiments, studies, and the fragments between.

The latest issue of BtW has been handed over to Hal Duncan who was tasked with bringing in a Scottish flavour to the proceedings. Hal has answered the call with enormous enthusiasm, and collected a fistful of highly entertaining and deeply strange snippets from members of GSFWC and the East Coast SF Writers.

I enjoyed my little foray into that dark and mysterious space between wood and wall immensely. Hope you guys do too.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Farrago, I tell you

  1. Wait! You just reminded me of the bit in Flann O’Brien’s 3rd Policeman where the character does kind of go behind or within the wall. I’m sure I’d dreamed of that when I was a child and it was pretty scary to read it, like it brought the memory back complete and instant. Which can only lead to the house… best not go there

  2. Oh, I’ve not read The 3rd Policeman for *years*, what a bizarre story that was.

    Yes, best to leave well alone I think.

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