A limited experiment

Well, the photo blogging kinda worked and kinda didn’t. I was attempting to upload photos in batches of three or four but it’s only taken the first one for some reason. I’ll try and get the remaining photos up there later on, but to be honest there were just too many people for any kind of decent photo opportunity, and I kept forgetting too. So, yeah, there aren’t that many, and they’re not that good, but they are a sort of record of what Manchester was like…

Warm, jolly, good-natured, good fun, bumping into people you’ve not seen for years…then hot, sweaty, overcrowded, a bit drunken, nervous…then disappointed, fractious, bad-tempered…then cold, bored, frustrated, unable to find a way to get back to the hotel. For hours.

To sum up: A nice day spoiled. Too many people. We broke Manchester’s infrastructure.

The football itself: We weren’t good enough. The best team won.

The other stuff that happened: I’ve never seen anything like that connected with Rangers fans. As far as I’m concerned those people were neds who have little or nothing to do with the club other than the colours they wore on the day. I’m sickened and angry by what they did.

Thanks to my brother for his craic which is always of the highest quality.

Strength, power and a chocolate slipper got us through to the end.

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