Back of the net

I’ve got something a bit special coming out in December. After something like sixty-odd published stories comes my first non-genre publication. Or rather it is genre, but the genre is…football. That surprised you didn’t it? Or maybe not if you’ve heard me talk about travelling the glamour spots of Europe (and the grubbier spots of […]

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Legs, home

So, the last two weekends with the Scotland Writers team were pretty amazing.  Gothenburg and Vienna, two lovely but contrasting cities – tidy, calm, designed vs sprawling and historically stratified. Our hosts for both trips were hugely friendly, the hospitality excellent – whether it be the astonishing seafood platter in the Dubliner pub in Gothenburg […]

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Away games

Nearly a year ago, I had a conversation in a hotel bar in Toronto with Graham Joyce about his experiences playing in goal for the England Writers international football team, a collection of novelists, poets, playwrights and publishing types who play matches against teams from other countries. Brilliant fun, he said. On the back his mention […]

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Euro 2012 Final

Proof, if it were needed, that the TTA Press sweepstake finalists, Jim Steel and Chris Murdoch, congregated in a West End pub to duke it out  during the final of Euro 2012. The occasion was a rematch of the World Cup Final of two years ago and, sadly for Jim (whose team were Holland on […]

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That time again

This week sees the start of the Euro 2012 football tournament and yet again I’ve been put in charge of the TTA Press sweepstake. Loyal readers of this blog will remember that last time round (for the World Cup) we invited a local cabaret celebrity to make the draw. Well, this time we went one […]

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Before I get into this a caveat: I’m genuinely gutted for Ireland at missing out on a place at the World Cup. Genuinely. And I’ve only seen the pivotal incident once and very quickly at that. But. And so. The question I have is this: When did we all of a sudden turn into a […]

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Not seasonal

If you’re into your Germanic retro electro, you might enjoy these (courtesy of Random Jane). This one should get you in the seasonal mood. And this one is getting me in the mood for tonight’s fives night out. The bit where the band take on the shop dummies in Sweden strips. That’s pretty much us.

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