Euro 2012 Final

Proof, if it were needed, that the TTA Press sweepstake finalists, Jim Steel and Chris Murdoch, congregated in a West End pub to duke it out  during the final of Euro 2012. The occasion was a rematch of the World Cup Final of two years ago and, sadly for Jim (whose team were Holland on that occasion), the result was the same – and to be fair looked in little doubt after Spain’s first goal went in. Jim accepted defeat gracefully, and Chris was able to restrict the gloating to a bare minimum.

With local celebrity Charlie M. Montgomery turning down the invitation to present the prizes (he only does the big events, darling), it was left to local “author” Hal Duncan to present winner and loser with their prize money.

Looking forward to doing it again in 2014 for the Brazil World Cup, when I predict that due to an astonishing administrative mix-up, Chris will draw Scotland in the sweep (irrespective of whether Scotland qualify).

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