The recent reading

So I’ve been busy, so I missed the May reading update. Not that there was a *heck of a lot* to report.  Anyway, June has now slipped by as well, so I may as well roll it all up in one post.

I managed two novels over the last couple of months, and both were very good in different ways.

Redemption In Indigo by Karen Lord is interesting in a lot of ways. A modern fable, set in Africa, it’s culturally a refreshing read. More than that, it’s both wise and whimsical, and in execution a masterclass in narrative voice. Really a joy to experience.

The Fallen Blade by Jon Courtenay Grimwood was another cultural eye opener in which a plot of assassins, fallen angels and werebeasts is set against the backdrop of 15th century Venice. Grimwood balances the levels of action, court intrigue and genuinely fascinating historical setting perfectly. Another one I thoroughly enjoyed.

I must have read some short stories too but none of them were memorable enough to report.

Hope July will be better in that regard.

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