Back of the net

I’ve got something a bit special coming out in December. After something like sixty-odd published stories comes my first non-genre publication. Or rather it is genre, but the genre is…football.

It me!

That surprised you didn’t it? Or maybe not if you’ve heard me talk about travelling the glamour spots of Europe (and the grubbier spots of Scotland) to turn out in the dark blue of the Scotland Writers’ football team. A group of fearsomely enthusiastic obsessives whose mission is to bring the cultural dynamite of football and literature together to devastating effect wherever we end up.

Around a year ago we were invited to Basel, Switzerland as part of the city’s Day of Poetry and I volunteered to perform a reading during the lit. portion of the event…and that’s where this little flash story, The Last of the Die Hards, was born. It’s a sweet little thing about the importance of keeping memories alive and it seemed to go down well enough on the night.

All of which is very nice in itself, but the best thing? The best thing is that it’s now being published in the next issue of Nutmeg magazine, an excellent publication dedicated to the all the nitty, the gritty and the peculiarly Scottish caveats of the great globe-spanning conversation that is the world of football.

The print edition of issue 14 is available for pre-order now, and it’ll be available in digital format too, if that’s your bag.

Get tore in.


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