AbFab Whitby

So, over the weekend the postman dropped a very welcome jiffy bag on my mat. It was something I’ve been looking forward to for a fair while now, and I’m delighted to announce the arrival of Fabulous Whitby.

This is the second in what looks hopefully like it might be a series of short story anthologies themed around places in Britain. Its highly entertaining predecessor was Fabulous Brighton, and from the couple of dips I’ve managed between the pages so far, Fabulous Whitby looks like being even better. Editors Sue Thomason and Liz Williams have drawn together seventeen intriguing tales set in the environs of that town that presides over East Yorkshire’s coastal crags and I’ll be impressed if there’s not one mention of Dracula in the whole volume. Particularly looking forward to reading the stories by the editors themselves, and also Chris Butler, Alastair Rennie and Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold.

Oh, and there’s one by me in there at the end too. Although The Codsman And His Willing Shag was written specifically for Fabulous Whitby, due to the vagaries of publishing schedules its inclusion here is technically a reprint.

There may be a launch event at the Whitby Gothic Weekend, but at this moment that’s unconfirmed, so if you fancy getting your hands on a copy you can get it direct from the publisher.

Who knows where the Fabulous Albion people will set their compass for next? I’m voting for Fabulous Ecclefechan, but am not sure if they could fit that on the cover.

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