The Short Stuff

Must be the time of year, but for some reason I’ve been innundated with new short fiction to read, and I don’t know where to start to enjoy it all.

TTA Press’s usual bi-monthly swaparama of Interzone and Black Static have been supplemented by the latest Crimewave, which is always cause for celebration. From PS, there was the recent Postscripts. The latest Dark Horizons form the BFS, and, since FCon’s just been, I got this year’s BFS special publication – an anthology called Houses On The Borderlands (after Hodgson, one presumes) which also looks interesting.

All of that would be enough, but I’ve also been collecting …er… collections by some of my favourite writers which contain some of my all time favourite stories.

– Past Magic by Ian R McLeod (PS) – which contains the story that started me off, Well Loved.

– Contientious Inconsistences by Nancy Jane Moore (PS showcase) – which contains the fabulous Three O’Clock in the Morning, which was my early introduction to Lady Churchill’s

– Psychological Methods To Sell Should Be Destroyed by Robert Freeman Wexler (Electric Velocipede) – which contains the marvellous Tales Of The Golden Legend

– The Last Reef by Gareth L Powell (Elastic) – whose Ack-Ack Macaque – which surely had the best title in ages

– The Turing Test by Chris Beckett (Elastic) – which gives another chance to see La Macchina, another early Interzone fave of mine

– Islington Crocodiles by Paul Meloy (TTA) – which contains Raiders, the story that opened up the tatty box in my memory marked Monster Fun!

So, what a dilemma, eh?

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