Circle Of Life

Over at Notes From The Geek Show, Hal’s been holding forth on the subject of the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle. I’m not going to add anything here to what Hal’s written, but only as a slight caveat will add that at this week’s meeting we had one of those moments when you realise why we do this thing the way we do it. It’s the gradual build up of opinion, the tidal surge of creative options that builds slowly as opinions are voiced around the table. In this case, the story in question (a dark, contemporary alt history with a Nazi amusement park) ended up giving birth to the concept of a particularly unpleasant British holiday camp set in the 50s, encapsulated by the title: “Heil De Heil”.  This may or may not be where the author wants to go with the story, but it was fun getting there.

Talking of Mr Duncan, his new book is out imminently. I’m looking forward to ESCAPING FROM HELL! over my Christmas holidays.

One thought on “Circle Of Life

  1. I’ve written about the experience in my infrequent blog. I always find it to be beneficial and the support and suggestions were on a par with the comments I received when “The Major’s Book” got crittered, which is probably shorthand for saying that both stories need a lot of work on them! The bottom line is that it can only make the story better and stronger, if you are prepared to listen and take the suggestions and ideas on board.

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