Songs in the Key of G

For a while I’ve been suspicious that my mp3 playing phone is eschewing the supposed random nature of the shuffle mode I normally keep it on and, instead, has favourites that it insists on me listening to. I don’t mind it too much, but there’s hundreds of songs on there that I just don’t get to hear anywhere near as often as some. It’s like letting your car passenger have control over the music, constantly skipping the songs you like but they don’t. And it’s mildly annoying.

So, this week I’ve been taking control and running through the whole library alphabetically by song. Got to the G’s today, and this afternoon’s selection has been absolutely splendid:

Gifted – Found

Get Down – Gilbert O’Sillivan

Gin Soaked Boy – Tom Waits

Ginger Beer – Isa And The Filthy Tongues

Give Judy My Notice – Ben Folds

Give Me Kindness – David Coverdale

Go Square Go – Glasvegas

Go-Go-Girls – Frightened Rabbit

Going Native – Mother & The Addicts

Golden Teeth And Silver Medals – A Camp

Lovely stuff.

2 thoughts on “Songs in the Key of G

  1. Geraldine – Glasvegas
    Get The Message – Electronic
    Good To Your Earhole – Funkadelic

    … wait a minute… Gilbert O’Sullivan?!

    Now there’s a name you don’t hear too often nowadays.

    1. >Gilbert O’Sullivan?! Now there’s a name you don’t hear too often nowadays.

      You do in our house, matey!

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