Putting in good words

Wur band’s new ep has just had its first review. It’s from the wise and venerable music blogger, Bluesbunny, and very nice it is too. And buried in there near the end is a nice little comparison about the style of our lyrics, which pleases me no-end. I’ve been a lyric writer since my teens, […]

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Tom and Holly, Story and Song

Over on her site, Holly Phillips is discussing influences on her writing. She has a few things to say on the subject, but the main focus of her thinking on this occasion is Tom Waits’s amazing ability to draw the strange out of the everyday and overlooked. In other words, he does what the magic realists […]

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Songs in the Key of…T

I know, I know… but there were a lot of S’s! Take It All – Badfinger Take Me Home – Crystal Gayle and Tom Waits Talk To Strangers – Envy And Other Sins Teardrop – Jose Gonzalez The Audition  – A Band Called Quinn The Bagman’s Gambit – The Decemberists The Bee Song – Arthur […]

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Songs in the Key of G

For a while I’ve been suspicious that my mp3 playing phone is eschewing the supposed random nature of the shuffle mode I normally keep it on and, instead, has favourites that it insists on me listening to. I don’t mind it too much, but there’s hundreds of songs on there that I just don’t get […]

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