BSFA Award – Getting Involved!

Really pleased to see that in the recent mailing, the BSFA have made serious attempts to enfranchise its membership towards voting in this year’s awards by thoughtfully providing a booklet dedicated to focusing minds on the task.

Traditionally, there has been an issue of accessibility in garnering votes, especially for the short fiction and artwork awards, so its great to see the booklet containing not only a list of the nominations in each category, but also reproductions of the nominated artworks and all of the nominated short stories in full. Elsewhere there’s also an audiocast of a recent discussion of the novel nominees. And for those too lazy to read, Starship Sofa have once again podcast most of the short story nominees too.

So, right, no excuses. Yeah?

If you’re a BSFA member or are going to Eastercon, gen up and get voting.

3 thoughts on “BSFA Award – Getting Involved!

  1. Glad you approve, Neil. We’re very keen to make nominated works as available to members of the BSFA as possible. As you know, the Starship Sofa podcasts began last year, and the ‘special edition’ booklets we’ve been producing since Matrix moved online have given us the perfect opportunity to provide members with the shortlisted short stories and also the artwork. It was happy conicdence that saw the wonderful Post Scripts sampler appear at the same time…

    Now, if we could just work out how to get the shortlisted novels to everyone… hmm…

    1. It’s really good work Ian, and for me it adds an extra platform of validity to the awards.

      >Now, if we could just work out how to get the shortlisted novels to everyone… hmm…

      Book tokens?

  2. >Book tokens?<

    Lol — good one… Are you trying to bankrupt us???

    By the way, suffered a computer death a couple of weeks ago and lost loads of info, including your current email address. Tried three different addresses over the weekend and they all bounced. Any chance you could send me an email so that I can badger you about something?

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