Hinterland – The Plan

[Sort of]

SO. I’ve done the Myspace trawl and found a lot of good new stuff. Which – when you add new finds together with old favourites and acts-I’ve-wanted-to-see-for-ages – makes Hinterland an exciting, if boggling, prospect.

At the moment, my key plan looks to be like hanging round the Arches/Classic Grand end where I can start off with  Y’All Is Fantasy Island or Miss The Occupier. Remember Remember are new to me, but pretty much now a must-see after ODing on their myspace tracks, and after Punch And The Apostles who I’ve trying to see for months.

The next bit is where options really come in. I’ve still never seen Sons And Daughters or Foxface, but I’d like to catch Ming Ming And The Ching Chings too. Failing any of those (like they’re sold out or something) I could always nip up to PivoPivo to see Be A Familiar followed by Oh, Atoms – but I like the sound of Broken Records too. So, choices, aye.

The end of the night is a down the middle split – either Your Twenties and We Were Promised Jetpacks at the ABC or This Will Destroy You and Isosceles at the Art School.

I know. Sounds complicated to me too.

Wish me luck and, if you’re of a mind follow my tweets, to find out what I actually end up doing. In fact, follow the #hinterland tag to get everyone else’s views too.

It’s gonna be an adventure.

8 thoughts on “Hinterland – The Plan

  1. And I thought goregrind bands had bizarre names – I mean, “Ming Ming And The Chings Chings”? Good grief. Even Bathtub Shitter is a better band name than that…

  2. That all depends on your definition of “better”, Ian.

    I find it a bit of fun, in a slightly fey kinda way.

    Bathtub Shitter, sadly, does nothing for me at all.

  3. I’m going to Download again this year and way down the pecking order on the Tuborg Stage on the second day is Lawnmower Deth who’s songs include: Spook perv happenings in the snooker hall, Sumo Rabbit and his inescapable trap of doom, Satan’s Trampoline, Icky Ficky, and Betty Ford’s Clinic. Can’t wait.

  4. See, yes. Right there. That kind of level of silliness attracts me straight away. I mean, who spells it “Deth” FFS?

  5. Ian, hi, I’ve never been to Bloodstock, but I always visit the stand they have at Download and pick up a flyer and gaze and wonder, and yes, I do share your opinion of “Cradle of Filth”. The line-up for Sonicsphere at Knebworth doesn’t look too shabby either.

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