After a bit of a break – small fanfare on a child’s plastic trumpet – the return of  New Album Friday!

Feeling a bit jaded this morning after two nights out in a row. A little  crusty, a little crunchy, can’t quite get rid of the aftertaste of bubblegum and beer. Generally out of sorts.

Thankfully, then, that one of the CD’s I picked up from last night’s Bubblegum Records launch was the irrepressibly cheerful “Good Foundations” by Tesco Chainstore Mascara. A proper, bona fide slice of Twop, reminiscent of B&S’s Trevor Horn-produced Dear Catastrophe Waitress, but if Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne had snuck into the studio when everyone had gone home and fiddled with the masters.

I was promised, as I made my purchase, that five or six of the 11 tracks would become instant favourites. On first listen, I’d say three or four really stand-out and, of those, top marks go to opener, Writer’s Block, with its timpani roll and Spektorish stomp, and Just The Weight You Are, which has the Beach Boys tucket snuggly in its hip pocket (actually, for me that track, and a few of the others, are closer to the songs Paul Williams wrote for The Juicy Fruits in dePalma’s Phantom Of The Paradise – which is meant as a compliment, honest).

So, overall, the kind of music that puts a smile on my face. Thank fuck.

This is staying on for the rest of the day.

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