San Jose

You know, I find that I don’t have a terrible lot to say on the subject of World Fantasy Convention 2009. I mean, I had a fantastic time, but I didn’t really do much that would make really interesting reading. Sure, I went to one or two programme items – of which the highlight was Jeff and Ann Vandermeer’s double headed interview, which was revealing, hilarious and touching all at the same time. And I went to a fair few readings – of which Zoran Zivkovic, Jeff Vandermeer, Jeff Ford and Jesse Bullington were really top notch, and special mention to Jetse DeVries’s Daybreak/Shine event which assured all that attended of a rosy future through the medium of an outstanding 18yr old Highland Park. And the parties were good too – including the launches for Marie and Paul’s Hellbound Hearts and the wacky-as-you’d-expect Last Drink Bird Head anthology (and what a beautiful artifact that is now I have it in my hands!).  And I mooched around the dealer’s room, bought a handful of great new books to top off the 20-odd assorted hardbacks, paperbacks and magazines that came in the WFC gift bag. And I generally hung out with old friends and was introduced to some excellent new ones.

All of which is a superb way to spend four days.

But I didn’t see much of San Jose itself. I had no great dramas (once I was finally allowed into the country, was reunited with my bag and had persuaded my credit card company that going on holiday does not equate to fraud). It was just a Nice Time, but it’s difficult to convey that special superlative WFC definition of “nice” unless you’ve experienced it for yourself.

From a writer’s perspective there simply is NO equivalent on this planet. None.

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