Songs in the Key of…B

Thought it might be nice to revisit the thing I did a couple of years ago where, instead of having my mp3s on shuffle as is my usual practice, I let the player just trawl through the list alphabetically and see what it throws up. It’s a nice way to get a snapshot of what you’re listening to at any one time, and it digs out those tracks that your supposedly random shuffle never seems to get around to playing. And this time round, I’m going to Blip one of the tracks to the twitter and facebook feeds. Just cause I like to share.

Here’s this morning’s selection.

Bang Goes The Knighthood – The Divine Comedy
Bare Hugg –  Manfred Mann
Bastard – Ben Folds
Beady Eyes On The Horizon – Jukebox The Ghost
Beat The Horse – Pomplamoose
Beautiful – Aimee Mann
Beautiful Sorta – Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Beauty Queen – Roxy Music
Belinda – Ben Folds & Nick Hornby
Best Man’s Fall – Murnie

If you’re consumed by curiosity to find out which track I blipped, friend me or follow me.

(Next week, the return of NAF)

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