Some time in early 1984 I did something that changed my life. I went to a gig at the Glasgow Apollo. Everyone has a first gig story, and I imagine there are thousands similar to me whose own recollections involve the faded glitz of that venerable venue – the red and the glittery gold interior, the stupidly high stage and the pervading odour of alcohol, sweat and hash smoke. And everyone has a first band that they went to see.

Mine was Gary Moore.

Nuff said.

5 thoughts on “Icon

  1. At my first gig, I expected to swim in sweat, but I was actually surprised by the smell of freshly showered bodies and deodorant, and even cologne!

    First gig (in Paris): Fugazi, 1993, I think.

    Ah, no, there were the Floyd, in Versailles. What was that? 1988? Standing on the old, irregular flagstones in the cour d’honneur of the palace was a pain. I couldn’t see the stage, only the fireworks and effects. But that weeping guitar!

    If I don’t count my very first gig, in Milan. Ah. I won’t tell when and who it was (you guys should keep some illusions).

    1. Well, it’s the first gig we’re talking about here because that’s the one that has the biggest impact, and makes you want to go back again and again…

  2. I remember going to see Gary Moore in the 1980s at the Apollo with a couple of friends, think the tour was called “Victims of the Future”, bought a great t-shirt, long gone now, like most of my Apollo t-shirts Whitesnake, ZZ Top, Genesis, Gabriel, etc, etc.

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