Eastercon programme activities

If anyone’s interested, involved in a couple of programme items at Eastercon.

“Looking outward vs Looking inward” : a discussion about whether SF still retains its spirit of exploration or whether it has become too introspective, is on Friday at 7.30pm.

And immediately following that at 9.00pm: “How to run a writing group” : a discussion with members of other UK writers workshops (including London’s T-Party). The subject really speaks for itself.

The only other programme item I’m certain to be at will be the BSFA awards, for…um…obvious reasons. 😀

Other than that, while I hope to catch a few items here and there, you’re more than likely to find me in the bar. With a cup of tea, naturally.

5 thoughts on “Eastercon programme activities

  1. Looks like I’ll see you in the bar, then (arriving Friday late-ish, probably not before 10:30pm, so am sadly going to miss all your panels).
    Wait. I’ll see you at the BSFA awards, too, of course 🙂

  2. Indeed yes. We’ll both be there, I should imagine.

    On Friday I imagine I’ll be in the bar from between 10-1030.
    See you there!

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