Book delivered

Completed the work on the new edition of The Ephemera yesterday and delivered it to Keith Brooke at Infinity Plus. With a favouring wind it will be available to buy in various ebook formats very soon. I’ll post more details about it next week, but for now I can tell you that it contains all the stories from the original Elastic Press edition plus a whole bunch of new material, including: introductions, forewords, story notes and four extra stories, one of which has been written expressly for the collection.

Now that’s safely put to bed, I can get back to Queen Of Clouds. A few weeks ago I thought I was progressing with the novel nicely, but the closer I got to the end the louder a Nagging Voice Of Doubt whispered until I had to stop and listen to it. There was a problem with the main character. He wasn’t engaging enough with the story, he was gliding through it. So, I had a think about it and came up with a change that means hopefully only a light rewrite of what’s gone before. After that’s done I can write the climax and denouement and call it draft done. I admit to being a little concerned that I was foisting some unnecessary work into the front end, but an illuminating chat when I was in Warsaw convinced me I was doing the right thing. So it’s full steam ahead.

Never stops here, but that’s writing for you.

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