Infinity Plus Plus

News from Keith Brooke that Infinity Plus Books have revamped their website. It’s all sexy and easy to browse now, and displays a really impressive roster of authors and books. If you’re a Brooke fan or a fan of Eric Brown, IP is pretty much the go-to-place for their work. Likewise, as a long time admirer […]

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Young Man’s Game?

Over on his blog, Keith Brooke has been considering the announcement of the annual Granta Best Young Novelists under 40 and, prompted by a Twitter conversation on the subject, asking: what’s the big deal with 40 anyway?  And it’s a decent enough question. Why should all the attention be given to the kind of novelist […]

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Christmas Quintet

Really pleased to announce that my punky musical story, Arrhythmia, has been reprinted in Infinity Plus’s new Quintet anthology. Yeah, so Arrhythmia was nominated for the BSFA award and it’s one of the stories I’m proudest of, but what’s really cool is that it sits snugly in amongst stories by four writers whose work I absolutely adore. For me, […]

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Book delivered

Completed the work on the new edition of The Ephemera yesterday and delivered it to Keith Brooke at Infinity Plus. With a favouring wind it will be available to buy in various ebook formats very soon. I’ll post more details about it next week, but for now I can tell you that it contains all […]

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Infinity Plus e-books

Good news for those of you who are right into your e-books (especially if, like me, you enjoy short stories). Infinity Plus have just released their first titles as an e-book publisher. The first tranche of titles include a selection of collections of short fiction by Infinity Plus founder Keith Brooke, plus  a little gem from […]

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New book watch

For anyone looking for a something-to-read recommendation, two new books out this week which excite me: 1/ The Accord by Keith Brooke. I love Keith’s writing and anything – ANYTHING – new from him I consider an absolute treat. As soon as this hits the shelves in Glasgow I’m having it. 2/ Seeds Of Earth […]

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