Christmas Quintet

Really pleased to announce that my punky musical story, Arrhythmia, has been reprinted in Infinity Plus’s new Quintet anthology. Yeah, so Arrhythmia was nominated for the BSFA award and it’s one of the stories I’m proudest of, but what’s really cool is that it sits snugly in amongst stories by four writers whose work I absolutely adore. For me, it’s like being dropped by time-parachute into an all star issue of classic Pringle-era Interzone. Back when I started writing I fantasised about being in an issue of Interzone just like this, with exactly these writers. Stephen Palmer, Lisa Tuttle and Eric Brown all in the one place. Garry Kilworth! Man, Kilworth’s Interzone stories were instrumental for two major developments in my writing life: 1/ the realisation that short stories could be actually amazing and 2/the discovery of the UK independent press scene via his incredible collection Hog Foot Right And Bird Hands.

Hey, and if you’re a Kilworth fan  you might be interested in Infinity Plus’s new Kilworth travel memoir, On My Way To Samarkand. And they have lots of other releases as well, including even more even dazzling science fiction from the prolific Eric Brown, Keith Brooke’s incredible novel Genetopia, an ebook edition of Robert Freeman Wexler’s uniquely strange and beautiful In Springdale Town and the debut English collection by Israeli writer Nir Yaniv.

If you’re buying ebooks for the Kindle addict in your life, I can recommend bundling them as selection boxes; mixing and matching household names with gems from the world of independent of e-publishing.

And there are certainly gems to be found here, let me tell you!

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