By the scruffs

Over on his blog Hal Duncan has been adding to the oeuvre of his wonderful Scruffians stories with a series of Scruffians rhymes. I have to be honest and say that I probably love the Scruffians stories, featuring a cast of incorrigible, immortal urchins, most out of all of the things that Hal does. He’s known for being a complex and difficult writer, a rapier-wielding and principled essayist and blogger, but these stories showcase a gentler, more whimsical and utterly charming side to his writing. And the best of the lot of them is A Scruffian’s Christmas. I don’t think that story is generally available but if you go over to his Scruffian’s page (where you can enjoy all of the other stories in the series) and Paypal him a few Christmas coppers, maybe he’ll let take a peek.

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