Infinity Plus e-books

Good news for those of you who are right into your e-books (especially if, like me, you enjoy short stories). Infinity Plus have just released their first titles as an e-book publisher.

The first tranche of titles include a selection of collections of short fiction by Infinity Plus founder Keith Brooke, plus  a little gem from Eric Brown. Brooke and Brown were among the Interzone generation that first got me excited about writing science fiction and their stories have only improved since then, so I’m looking forward to diving right into these soon (also: check out Parallax View, their book of stories on which they collaborated together).

The roster for 2011 is just as great. With more Eric Brown, John Grant, Anna Tambour, Molly Brown and Garry Kilworth to look forward to This may actually be the first e-publisher that I’ve bought every single one of their titles. Can’t wait.

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