The long road to musical greatness

Hugely enjoyed tonight’s trip to Edinburgh to take part in the launch for Mutation Press‘s “Music For Another World”, an anthology of stories involving music. Unfortunately, thanks to sitting in an M8 traffic jam, I was disappointed to arrive too late to hear Jim Steel and Sean Martin read from their contributions, but I was just about in time to enjoy Gavin Inglis’ reading (as always!) and perform part of my own story, Arrhythmia. Since the story was written as a prose musical, where there is music in the world and all of the dialogue is sung, it seemed like a good idea to perform it as such. So, in the spirit of cross-disciplinary experimentation, I accompanied my reading on the piano. It seemed to go down well, but I’m just glad I called it halt before the punk bit.

Great to see so many faces along from the east coast writing fraternity (and a few from the west coast too). Hope many books were sold, and look forward to doing it all again in Glasgow sometime soon.

btw – that musical act tacked on to the end was a bit mental, eh?


3 thoughts on “The long road to musical greatness

  1. Indeed. Imagine my surprise when I googled Bert Finkle hours before the launch. But your delay was probably for the best – Mark had originally scheduled me to follow your reading, which would have been something of an anticlimax. Your musical was the highpoint of the readings for me and I’m tempted to reform the Living Eyes for the next launch just to compete…
    It was great fun, wasn’t it?

  2. It was, as you say, great fun. I think everyone should attempt to bring extras to their readings, if they’re suitable, of course.

    Mind you if this carries on we’ll all just give up writing short stories and move on to full scale musicals. Like Al.

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