BSFA Award Shortlist

I’m both gobsmacked and absolutely delighted to learn that my my story, ‘Arrhythmia’ (from Mutation Press’s Music For Another World anthology) has been shortlisted for the 2010 BSFA Award for Short Fiction. How cool is that?!

The award will be presented at Eastercon on April 23rd, and between now and then members of the BSFA and/or the convention get to vote on which of the shortlisted works in each category will win the prize.

To allow people to make an informed decision, editor, Mark Harding, has published Arrhythmia on the Mutation Press site but, if you’re eligible to vote, I urge you to go read all of the contenders in the short fiction category. Having read them all myself, I can promise that you’ll be entertained.

And if you really, really like Arrhythmia, do me a favour…consider buying Music For Another World. It’s an awesome book.

6 thoughts on “BSFA Award Shortlist

  1. Congratulations, Neil.
    I was going to say for best chances of winning get it up somewhere on the web. But if Mark’s put it up already….
    Also make sure there’s a link to it from the BSFA site.
    I assume the BSFA are going to publish all the shorts in magazine format for their members as they’ve done the past two years.

    1. Thanks, Jack!

      It’d be nice if the BSFA did the booklet thing again this year. I thought that worked really well before.

      This actually may be the first year I’ve actually read all of the stories before the short list was announced, although obviously I’d already read the most obscure of the entries before publication. I certainly know already who I’m voting for.

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