Infinity Plus Plus

News from Keith Brooke that Infinity Plus Books have revamped their website. It’s all sexy and easy to browse now, and displays a really impressive roster of authors and books. If you’re a Brooke fan or a fan of Eric Brown, IP is pretty much the go-to-place for their work. Likewise, as a long time admirer of Garry Kilworth, I’ve been salivating over access to Kilworth’s short fiction, his excellent autobiography, “On My Way To Samarkand” and brand new collection, “The Fabulous Beasts”.

Infinity Plus also takes a punt on new or less well known authors: check out Iain Rowan, Niv Yaniv or James Everington. And if you’re wondering what the fuss is about with Anna Tambour’s World Fantasy Award nominated “Crandolin” you can get the flavour (pun intended) from her previous novel “Spotted Lily” and amazing collection “Monterra’s Deliciosa & Other Tales” from there too.

If you’re looking for really good quality fiction to drop onto your Kindle, you really should be checking IP out.

(ps and if you stumble across my The Ephemera, you know, it’s only a few quid…)

4 thoughts on “Infinity Plus Plus

  1. It’s great to see this notice about infinity plus.Not only is it a consistently excellent publisher, but infinity plus is gloriously, old-fashionedly honest and good to its authors. Lovely to see Gary Kilworth’s The Fabulous Beast featured here (great cover, too) and mentions of other authors. I particularly like Yir Naniv’s collection The Love Machine & Other Contraptions which I reviewed here:

  2. Yup, Anna! I’m looking forward to reading Nir’s collection and Garry’s novel as soon as I have free reading time. But IP do feature a lot of great writing, don’t they?

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