The Moon King : Cover


Half a year has gone since I got the news that NewCon Press wanted to publish The Moon King. Gone. Like that *snaps fingers*. Half a year left to go before we launch it at Eastercon in Glasgow.

But for those that can’t wait a mere click of the fingers (or six months, whichever is quicker), here’s a preview of the cover. Publisher, Ian Whates and artist, Andy Bigwood put their heads together and came up with something a bit different, something more designy than arty. And I love it. I love the moodiness of the city, the functional simplicity of the composition, and the brooding, lambent, lunatic  yellow.

And not only this! The limited hardcover edition of the novel now has an Amazon page, where it can be pre-ordered if you so wish.

14 thoughts on “The Moon King : Cover

      1. I don’t know here on the Crazy Islands ;-), but on the Continent a compliment is supposed to imply 20% truth / 80% flattery, and here I mean 100% truth.

  1. I’ve never heard that! No, here, if someone pays you a compliment, unless they give you additional reason not, it’s taken at face value. What duplicitous Europeans you are!

  2. Etymology: 1610s, “exchange courtesies,” from complement (n.). Meaning “make complete” is from 1640s. Related: Complemented; complementing.

    Hence the flattery angle.

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