Fringe activities


Wow, the Edinburgh Fringe came round all suddenly this year. Before now I would normally have posted about what de Saw and Finkle are up and what I thought was worth seeing if you happen to be at a loose end and looking for things to amuse you. But suddenly we’re a week into the thing, and time slips by.

So, de Saw and Finkle first – we’ll we had our first gig last night (sorry) as part of the new Silhoutte Burlesque show. The Tron Kirk is a big old church that’s been turned into a bar, but the show works well and the audience were very attentive, so I reckon we’ll be back during the rest of the festival. We’ll also be at the Best Of Burlesque on the 24th, though. So, you know, we’re around. Come and see us.

What else is going around at the Fringe, well the only other things I’ve seen so far have been new shows by old favourites. Dusty Limits’s Psycho. Dusty, as always, is the most engaging of performers and this show really showcases his ongoing song writing collaboration with super-talented pianist, Michael Roulston. The songs, touching on all aspects of mental states deemed to be straying from “normal” are often sharp, funny and wickedly funny, but the best ones are the serious, quiet ones that underpin the whole show. Go see it, be charmed and then think about how you think.

And everyone knows by now how big a fan I am of the Creative Martyrs, right? I’ve been talking about them for yonks and know all the words (and many of the chords) to all their songs. Proper fan. Which makes it all the more exciting that this year’s Fringe show, After The Apocalypse, is except for one song composed of entirely new material. And the show is the Martyrs on absolutely top form. If there’s more talking and audience work than songs this year it’s fully merited by the story of post-armageddon collaborative optimism (and ultimate disappointment) that emerges.  Possibly less cynical and more wistful than previous efforts, the Martyrs nevertheless never fail to satirise everything in contemporary society that would be lost and need to be rebuilt if the end came all of a sudden like.  Gentle geniuses, the pair of them.

Welcome to the Cabapocalypsaret!

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